AirPods Max Unboxing Every Color (Space Gray, Silver, Sky Blue, Green, Pink)
AirPods Max unboxing featuring the AirPods Max in Silver, Space Gray, Sky Blue, Green, and Pink. In this video I also give Apple's AirPods Max a test for movies and music. AirPods Max feature Apple's spatial audio, noise cancelling and a transparency mode.
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    • Warren Pablo
      Warren Pablo

      @Martin Christopher i will try it out right now. Seems to be working :)

    • Martin Christopher
      Martin Christopher

      i dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

    • Blackjack_ 14
      Blackjack_ 14


    • Playboi carti clone
      Playboi carti clone

      Slide a pair 😂😔

    • ajmal abbasi
      ajmal abbasi

      If its in my faith than no body can take away from me Very hope full from Allah Almighty

  • mehsen alnusif
    mehsen alnusif

    I thought u meant the xm4 from cod

  • Rosie Benoit
    Rosie Benoit

    i mean i want the airpods but also the airpods max its a 50 50

  • Eby Mathews
    Eby Mathews

    Lew must be having his own APPLE STORE

  • Eby Mathews
    Eby Mathews

    Color EAR CUPS

  • Eby Mathews
    Eby Mathews

    Why does case look like baby's pampers

  • Eby Mathews
    Eby Mathews

    Some senior level PURSE en, definitely designed the case.

  • Eby Mathews
    Eby Mathews

    You invest in APPLE ECO when you don't know where to put your change

  • Eby Mathews
    Eby Mathews

    Lew voice is the LOUDEST in technology

  • Zara

    If it doesn’t sound good for classical I can’t buy it 😂😭

  • The Gypsy Gamer
    The Gypsy Gamer

    With this SLtoos video he gave about 3500-4500 on all those headsets.. now honest question.. you think he got his money out. And maybe made some more money from this video then the 3500-4500 he gave unnecessarily gave on 5-6 pairs of these when most ppl can’t even afford 1 lol... so pls some1 who knows what they’re talking bout... get back to me till me.. burn.. profit.. or at least got his money out from the headphones he bought,,,

  • Yaagul Davis
    Yaagul Davis

    I just got them today and I love them they are amazing, I got the green ones Juggalos; love your review by the way this was my belated birthday present 🎁 I had to wait 3 months but I finally got this baby’s and they are the best of the best.💀💀💀👍🏾

  • KCScorpion34

    Still waiting to see a comparison to the XM4s

  • Jello Hawayu
    Jello Hawayu

    I swear all of his videos are so expensive

  • Blake Wuellner
    Blake Wuellner

    This dude’s the goat

  • Komix

    Listen idc how good they are their ugly just stick with beats by the big d r e

  • Frankie 8516
    Frankie 8516

    14:22 he regret buying those i already know it just look at his face

  • Smonki

    I’m just going to tape my Apple Watch to my headphones 100% fixed

  • Strahinja Prole
    Strahinja Prole

    Great clones but i think better one are at iplaypods .co. I got them there and i can said they are awesome. Quality of sound, mic and battery is BEST. Shipping time is around 12 days.

    • Marc Michael
      Marc Michael

      I got mine there to and I can said you are right.

  • The truth
    The truth

    Spend $550 dollars on a pair of Apple max headphones or buy $550 dollars worth of Apple shares.

  • Hasiya Vlogs
    Hasiya Vlogs

    Oneday my dream 12 pro max 512GB

  • Davidwritessometimes

    Pablo Escobar phone.


    Smells like Capitalism lol

  • Navneet Singh
    Navneet Singh

    Hum obviously the case is like a bra 👙

  • Leon

    Ofc they still use the stupid lightning cable.

  • Motivation For You
    Motivation For You

    Again overprice product from apple nothing new

  • General King
    General King

    Watching this On my xm4's...

  • Alpa Alpa
    Alpa Alpa


  • Omar Zouiten
    Omar Zouiten

    First test, smell

  • Steven Lumban Tobing
    Steven Lumban Tobing

    This is the only channel that call me poor in 10 language

  • Sukhpreet SN
    Sukhpreet SN

    Two AirPods Pro’s > one set of AirPods Max

  • GamingSandbox54

    Cmon guys. If you’re using this case you’re showing others how premium and pro you are. What do you think.

  • katy shz
    katy shz

    surface 2

  • Devansh Maheshwari
    Devansh Maheshwari

    This guy can now write off his apple music subscription to irs😂😂😂 OMFG😂😂😂

  • Az Zaar Production
    Az Zaar Production

    Twitter: maskot786

  • Doll YeSsm
    Doll YeSsm

    hey stop making your videos awesome geeeez, dont know how long I am trapped here😳

  • Mustafa Lagdhaf
    Mustafa Lagdhaf

    Calling “The Box” pop!! 🤦

  • GamingZone141

    They are way too cheap for my taste.

  • Muhammad Afaq khawaja
    Muhammad Afaq khawaja

    kh__afaq twitter I really need those Airpods

  • E.E. The Third
    E.E. The Third

    It's that Philip glass on the background? Nice

  • Ibrahim Kamara
    Ibrahim Kamara

    Sad apple couldn’t figure out, how to come up with some type of security code for these headphones ...literally anybody can use em ...if they’re stolen or you lose them

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    Jesus _


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    Jesus _


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    Jesus _


  • Eric Yum
    Eric Yum

    these are headphones - stop worshipping headphones ... headphones

  • Potato


  • Terje Rendalsvik
    Terje Rendalsvik

    why didnt you review the xm4 in a proper way? i often rely on your opnions before i buy a product. and that you do not answer or give me a feedback i think its a shame!

  • Mix Video
    Mix Video


  • CODM Aiden
    CODM Aiden

    Is it just me or was the colour of the red airpods changing with them camera angles?

  • Rajat Shah
    Rajat Shah

    Me shocked on akg earphone 🤣

  • thanos boom
    thanos boom

    Compare there with the Sony's xm4

  • thanos boom
    thanos boom

    14:21 sound test. Thank me later

  • Grom Noob
    Grom Noob

    These remind me of those headphones they make you wear to do hearing tests LMAO

  • Anil Kumar Saini
    Anil Kumar Saini

    Too expensive... 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • ilie fabian
    ilie fabian


  • Energiizer

    One of apple's worsttt products

  • brandon van caspel
    brandon van caspel

    Try skullcandy ANC trust me it will blow your brains off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4K Sports Cards
    4K Sports Cards

    I would feel better to pay that price if they was 100% made in America 🇺🇸

  • abdulmajid asharaf
    abdulmajid asharaf

    It look like a guy's buns

  • John Milks
    John Milks

    What annoyed me most is the cans clank together constantly. Metal on Metal clanking

  • kassie p
    kassie p

    "your a purse guy" 😛

  • John Milks
    John Milks

    You should review the AKG lineup.

  • Bartosz S
    Bartosz S


  • Adan De León
    Adan De León

    The real flex is having SLtoos premium

  • Jagmeet Brar
    Jagmeet Brar


  • Jaiden Young
    Jaiden Young


  • Muhammad Rafiq
    Muhammad Rafiq

    17:17 rip earphones users.

  • Dimitri Lalli
    Dimitri Lalli

    You don’t need them, I don’t need them, You don’t need them, I don’t need them, You don’t need them, I don’t need them.

  • Azul Celeste
    Azul Celeste


  • The Unplanned Life
    The Unplanned Life

    That is one long room.

  • Fernando Gutierrez
    Fernando Gutierrez

    Just got 20 dollar earbuds and im really Happy at work.

  • _getfree

    Apple sucks

  • E'mica Davis
    E'mica Davis

    That ending statement was the most honest you could possibly get.

  • ItzStorm

    Why does he talk like Donald Trump 😂

  • Immortal Sugimoto
    Immortal Sugimoto

    I can hear XM4 calling my name.

  • Christian Henrriquez
    Christian Henrriquez

    He is definitely on something....and I want some of that!


    iam actually buying 2 because iam rich

  • LiloVLOG

    I can feel you thinking about the XM4, that clarity, that mids... you are missing them, don't you?

  • Travis Brodie
    Travis Brodie

    can you edit in premier with wireless? Or still need to hardwire? The lag in other wireless headphones makes it impossible

  • Malhaar Desai
    Malhaar Desai

    Listening in Beats Studio 3😂

  • Isah

    Apple made the product for women its like a purse

  • Kyle Halvadia
    Kyle Halvadia

    good way to waste 3 big coins

  • Mahdi Hamade
    Mahdi Hamade

    Was anyone else seeing the pink ones orange?

  • Mahdi Hamade
    Mahdi Hamade

    Okay I love apples products but I feel like the way they do things is "too futuristic" like that case doesn't do anything for protection. We should be seeing stuff like this when we should be seeing flying cars and hoverboard.

  • Nathan Waltz
    Nathan Waltz

    That music part was kinda uncomfortable

  • Maria Giselle
    Maria Giselle

    “Smells like industry... like a trillion dollar company in the holidays”😂

  • Aaron Pumm
    Aaron Pumm

    Colorgrading on this video was so weird totally different looks with B Roll

  • 공재이

    Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to SLtoos when testing wired connection. SLtoos compresses the hell out of the audio.

  • It’s yo gurl Maddie MC gang
    It’s yo gurl Maddie MC gang

    But then they say that it gives them a headache 🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Owl Ef
    Owl Ef

    Ppl wearing these try to flex not realizing how idiotic they look

  • chicoxiba

    very cool but I rather stay grounded... we are more near the bush then the stars. So get a simpler mindset peeps;

  • Hihoware You
    Hihoware You

    I don’t like the air pod max their not like a AirPod max they should call it headpod max

  • Gotowarbusterman290 Lionroar123
    Gotowarbusterman290 Lionroar123

    10/10/10 stars