This Gaming Laptop is INSANE
GE66 Raider Dragonshield Limited Edition:
The gaming laptop that's inspired by spaceships.
This video is sponsored by MSI.
chill. by sakura Hz
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  • Mike

    is this better than a desktop 2080?

  • asi .official
    asi .official

    dear god . i want one of this ....

  • ishana sharma
    ishana sharma

    Show us the RGB lu🥺

  • Cameron Trigg
    Cameron Trigg

    Are razer gaming laptop worth buying?

  • Jazz Meister
    Jazz Meister

    I just ordered this 2 hours ago

  • J Del Rio
    J Del Rio

    Hi great video ... Could you help me please...... i been thinking to update my actual computer and i want to buy this MSI computer (Msi Gs65 Stealth I9 9na 32gb 1tb Ssd Rtx2070 8g). I wonder if you can help me telliing me if i can connect 3 ADITIONAL monitors TO EXTEND my working space, so in that way includin the PC monitor i could have a total of 4 monitors: 1st extra monitor to the Hdmi Port 2nd extra monitor to the Mini Display Port 3rd extra monitor to the Type C thunder Bolt port Thanks again!... Please help meeee Bye

  • Raja Manish Singh
    Raja Manish Singh

    its my dream


    gud video

  • iAmDeSac

    This room still confuses me

  • a cunt
    a cunt

    very cool but my favorite is still the zephyrus duo

  • SlimMcShadey

    Me: Nice! A gaming mouse is included. Also me: I'll try to overcome trypophobia

  • Mountain Mobility Dispatch
    Mountain Mobility Dispatch

    2699 is not that expensive.

  • indian otaku kochikame
    indian otaku kochikame


  • R3D_ B4RON
    R3D_ B4RON

    Ngl makes me remember when i played destiny

  • Isaiah Santana
    Isaiah Santana

    Little did you know 3080 version here! 2 months later :x

  • Scoped Assassin
    Scoped Assassin

    Him: ohoho we almost got me there Also him: shooting at the damn wall

  • Martin Gonzalez
    Martin Gonzalez

    RELOAD lol love the laptop

  • Coty Guidry
    Coty Guidry

    My Alienware M17 R2 has the 2080 Super Max-Q with 4TB NVMe ssd... 144 hz and I thought I had something high...but 300 hz is insane!. This thing is a beast

  • Narutinn Uzumaki
    Narutinn Uzumaki

    Yes dad i need this to study

  • Roman Kozlovskiy
    Roman Kozlovskiy

    i want a fucking rtx 3090 laptop with 4k oled 144hz the fuck?

  • The Tops
    The Tops

    Lots of love from Afghanistan

  • The Tops
    The Tops

    I love you every content

  • BUG

    It's over $4k and they don't have a 30xx series??

  • dark vigilante
    dark vigilante

    you are such a noob at COD ... LMAO

  • MichaelYeuriNinMedina cuenta freak
    MichaelYeuriNinMedina cuenta freak

    Jesus that gameplay hurt my eyes

  • littlejohnny mobboss
    littlejohnny mobboss

    I am sold!!..

  • firoz ishakk
    firoz ishakk

    Lol. Now we all know after this video lew sucks at COD

  • Ratna Kode
    Ratna Kode


  • Mr. Chicken Nugget
    Mr. Chicken Nugget

    My mate has like five bookshelves of laptop's. But which ones does he use?

  • milan_roblox

    claim your i cant afford this ticket right here!

  • A.

    Can you unbox 4k gaming laptop but affordable

  • The M
    The M

    How was the fansound?

  • curse Love
    curse Love

    What a shity review he did not even go I to details adout the laptop is it Nvidia 3080 or 3070 does it use Intel i7or i9 what a really shity review down vote😁

  • shalaby

    A laptop with a skin

  • Wael Al-Rayes
    Wael Al-Rayes


  • Daniel OZ
    Daniel OZ

    People who have a trypophobia and mouse design...

  • Mayuresh Gawade
    Mayuresh Gawade

    You're so lucky to have Hands on Experience of new Devices



  • Chethan Saj
    Chethan Saj

    Seeing the mouse my Trypophobia jus kicked in😁

  • grim uddi
    grim uddi

    This call of duty not rainbow six sege

  • Ilyas Farooq
    Ilyas Farooq

    Love u bro buck up

  • Shivanand. Tiwari
    Shivanand. Tiwari

    i like this

  • Sindhuja Sindhu
    Sindhuja Sindhu


  • balaji balu
    balaji balu

    It looks like 2d illution

  • Will-i-am Golden
    Will-i-am Golden

    Over $5000 I want it but my wallet is having a heart attack

    • naapsu Vaimne
      naapsu Vaimne


  • Rafi Views
    Rafi Views

    How long your studio🔥

  • Sanjay Gowda
    Sanjay Gowda

    We can only watch dis only SLtoos 😭

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das


  • Lloyd Turner
    Lloyd Turner

    Horrible laptop. Not enough ports, screens too small. Crap gpu and probably a crappy 6 core cpu...?

    • Jomito 8
      Jomito 8

      Bro ports for what. Of course 3080 would be cooler but that wouldnt be any architecture change. The laptop is completely ok

  • Pankaj Chauhan
    Pankaj Chauhan

    Dedo bhaiya....


    bro why you hard scoping so hard XD

  • Born 2 Win
    Born 2 Win

    Good graphics and still blindly misses an enemy at 6:26 😂😂😖


    Everything is insane here

  • daseptic eye
    daseptic eye

    The fact that he doesnt reload immediately gives me anxiety

    • Apek Hishe
      Apek Hishe

      @Hentai Dude ayyoo ur pfp tho

    • Hentai Dude
      Hentai Dude

      XD true

  • David Mendez
    David Mendez

    If you are willing to donate this laptop to me let me know. I would love this laptop to get me back into gaming! Just hmu

  • Brooklyn Gamer
    Brooklyn Gamer

    its fucking bad he doesn't even know anything about that pure shittty video

  • flame plays game
    flame plays game

    Aaa that figure litt

  • soumyajyoti seth
    soumyajyoti seth

    can i play snake in this laptop?

  • Naveed Mazhar
    Naveed Mazhar

    Not gonna buy this waiting for my 3080 to come and I won't need this old technology


    Everything is marketing

  • Shiro Neko
    Shiro Neko

    Ah Watching things which I can't afford Never gets old ( ̄. ̄)

  • Safwan Khan
    Safwan Khan

    This is very eye pleasing

  • AUM

    send that mouse here

  • Anon P
    Anon P

    WTF? You're shooting your teammates, you clearly do not game. This is like watching my grandad try and use a laptop/play games. Unbox is such a boomer.

  • JayBeast

    I will never see those lobbies

  • Tanveer Ahmad
    Tanveer Ahmad

    how would it preform on games like(emulator pubg mobile)

  • Ansh Arora
    Ansh Arora

    Review in batman cave

  • demonvinci 12
    demonvinci 12

    No Fire Strike?

  • Adams Angels
    Adams Angels

    Hey Lewis what’s it like to work with a green screen

  • Barta Bhaus
    Barta Bhaus

    That’s one ugly painted laptop

    • Barta Bhaus
      Barta Bhaus

      Hentai Dude why can’t I afford it?

    • Hentai Dude
      Hentai Dude

      Lol can u afford it? That's a no

  • Faqih Hms
    Faqih Hms

    But can it run Cyberpunk 2077?

  • Raj Gill
    Raj Gill

    Know why they're doing this? 30 series laptops are coming soon

  • jarn hollows
    jarn hollows

    wtf is this guy on ab hes just rambling on random bullshit

  • octavian dumitru
    octavian dumitru

    What game is it ?

  • ge4orcetrauma

    play fortnite and turn all settings to max with rtx and see how it goes

  • Peter Mathew Van Aardt
    Peter Mathew Van Aardt


  • zenalotz

    He has never played cod in his life.

  • Vinh Nguyen
    Vinh Nguyen

    MSI should change the dragon logo to something more lowkey.

  • Isaias Perez
    Isaias Perez

    "Very nice mobile gaming experirance"- unbox therapy 2020

  • Sithun Biyanvila
    Sithun Biyanvila

    i dont know why, but this review feels like FAKE.

  • Samarth Maitri
    Samarth Maitri

    In future, would you unbox covid vacine

  • sokka

    me watching on a Lenovo slim

  • jojo jovi1
    jojo jovi1

    Coool where the dragon custom design ones?

  • DatAviation

    Missed opportunity to parter with spacex and call it the crew dragon...

  • Rob Wallace
    Rob Wallace

    When the world reboots I'm looking for a gaming laptop for my biz travel. ESO & EVE Online from hotels. Not awesome. But better than nothing.

  • Kyudo Kun
    Kyudo Kun

    This guy obviously doesn't know how to play cod games. I wonder what type of games he's playing.

  • p9p KILLER
    p9p KILLER

    The price of the laptop = $5359 : It will took me 15 years to buy it and I am from Africa ( I think I need to shut up, you people you lucky who can afford things like this 😁😁

    • Hentai Dude
      Hentai Dude

      And my American friend can't afford a pc like mine So it doesn't matter if you're from African or American duh

    • Hentai Dude
      Hentai Dude

      I'm from Tunisia (Northern-Africa country) and i have a full gaming setup :/

  • Rodney Preston
    Rodney Preston

    The uppity flat summarily remind because panther indisputably concern under a large metal. moldy, foolish debtor

  • sptsmrkhre

    well, damn.

  • MinatoAce

    Lew gotta work on the movement and don't hard ads so much... anyway GG bro

  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw


  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw


  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw


  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw


  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw

    Please give it to me

  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw

    I don't know that u have a big hear to give it to me or not

  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw

    Don't i sound like an poor gay

  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw

    Or any other gaming lap

  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw

    No one gave me any thing

  • Mr Maw
    Mr Maw

    Give it to me Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee