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  • David W
    David W

    Welcome to 1992

  • raedi yusof
    raedi yusof

    I just wasted 9mins of my life

  • Richard Tocmo
    Richard Tocmo

    Oneplus ice cream 🍨🍦

  • ?

    They should have a model for lefties

  • yazzygrizzle007

    i liked the vid and subscribed to all your vidios :() :)

  • RRG.R

    I can tell that doesn't taste good.

  • Taufiq Iqbal
    Taufiq Iqbal

    I've just wasting my on watching lew eating ice cream

  • Daniel Savage
    Daniel Savage

    Whats cool is, when I was real little my family took a ride to NASA in Florida. I remember trying the space food, candy/ice cream.

  • Jim Kelly
    Jim Kelly

    Three phones simple great good and ok

  • Kenzie

    Astronaut ice cream is fake they eat normal ice cream in space

  • Quicksmile nathan
    Quicksmile nathan

    It’s not a moon photo

  • TrukenX

    its only $4000 well $8000 if you buy 2 like here... Bluetooth speakers in a few years you'll pay more for Smartphones regularly

  • Mac Joseph
    Mac Joseph

    graft some wheels on that bad boy and your full mobile!!

  • Goose Juice Gaming
    Goose Juice Gaming

    Doesn’t Sony know once you go black you don’t go back🥴🤣

  • Elia Musumeci
    Elia Musumeci

    very very sad :(

  • CJ Ever
    CJ Ever

    The Ice Cream pack is the hint for the colors of the OnePlus 9E! And also the holes represent a centerline punch hole camera 🤯

  • John B
    John B

    Content creators are running out of content!

  • BhaiyaG

    Alright, I woke up to getting a notification from unboxtherapy. At 2:00AM in my sleep I watched this video. A video about ice cream. Interesting.

  • Devin Nived
    Devin Nived

    2021 :One Plus is making food now 2022 : 1+ Ice Cream 2 Pro

  • Rafi Yagami
    Rafi Yagami

    Ah.. The classic IceCream therapy

  • Big Stank
    Big Stank

    That battery health is better than my iPhone XS

  • liam cameron
    liam cameron

    What is the outro song?

  • KianSeong Khoo
    KianSeong Khoo

    Is it cold? Or just like a piece of chocolate?

  • Luca Yousif
    Luca Yousif

    The sedate star naively settle because gore-tex oppositely object above a elfin evening. stereotyped, grandiose packet

  • Aïssa Zeroual
    Aïssa Zeroual


  • Hieu Phan
    Hieu Phan

    You forgot to tell us which flavor was the best! I'm assuming strawberry from your reaction though.

  • Maureen Suganob
    Maureen Suganob

    And now he’s also a food critic. Love the way you describe it. Not all can describe unique feeling or taste. 👏👏👏

  • sapphire paru
    sapphire paru

    nice cap colour!


    Give me a laptop😭

  • Marius Vaiciulis
    Marius Vaiciulis

    Wow you really had to make 12min+ video about snacks?????? ..... Wow.....

  • j d
    j d

    Get on with the phone review!

  • Bilal Zarouali
    Bilal Zarouali

    4:20 moonphoto hahahah its the Earth

  • RobertC GremmelsSR
    RobertC GremmelsSR

    Like a friend once espoused "If you don't like ICE CREAM, You don't like Anything "

  • Twilight GamingTB
    Twilight GamingTB

    Do you have Black camo to S21 Ultra?

  • Amit Chopra
    Amit Chopra

    The annoyed clover pathogenetically dress because valley astonishingly tap an a political ink. scary, fancy stretch

  • Hoshi Inoue
    Hoshi Inoue

    Those are the colors of the phones obviously

  • StarBoy

    Thick box: so it will come with a charger out of the box.

  • lil josue
    lil josue

    That would have an amazing amount of bass on a plastic bottle

  • Eugene Soria
    Eugene Soria

    Can I have some of your gadgets?

  • Mark Gittins
    Mark Gittins

    Hasselblad was the first camera to take photos in space on the moon. Hence all the talk about space and moon. (Did Lew mention that?)

  • Ueza C.
    Ueza C.

    rreview the new hololens 2 by google

  • AJF

    Serial number is FAKE 4:44

  • AetherHorizon

    I will not be buying a one plus phone after this video

  • Andres Glez
    Andres Glez

    Your videos are great, but there is a lot of market for cameras, why don't you talk about cameras? I think you can...? Or is it that you don't know anything about cameras? Forgive me but I have followed you for a long time, and I see that you do not touch that topic much.

  • RobertC GremmelsSR
    RobertC GremmelsSR


  • Lil Piplup
    Lil Piplup

    Is this an out-of-season april fools joke?

  • pocai

    Now i know that oneplus will include the charger brick.

  • nattakrit aupparakul
    nattakrit aupparakul

    2 mins passed and he haven't once stop to breath...wow

  • lil josue
    lil josue

    Imagine you are taking a bath and you stick it to your baths door or something

  • Richard Wroblewski
    Richard Wroblewski

    I HATE one plus. I had the one plus 8 5g. Worst thing I ever owned. It felt...cheap, it had so many issues that kept getting worse with every update they pushed out. I actually hade to use their warranty 3 times now. Such a garbage phone

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy

    17.8 milli subs I remember when this guy bent a iphone come a long way my man!!!

  • David Manning
    David Manning

    The man didn't even cleanse his palate in between tests... Come on dude

  • Ben Blakemore
    Ben Blakemore

    Can i please be gifted a nice ph Lou ☺😊😆😅 im about to change my life! Please help mate. Kia kaha from NZ

  • Vilgot Löfroth
    Vilgot Löfroth

    I wonder where Lew buys his hoodies🤔

  • BearGang

    Organic dosnt make things helthy

  • Joe Giordano - Personal Finance Videos
    Joe Giordano - Personal Finance Videos

    Those early eBay scammers started feeling bad sending boxes with rocks in them, now instead they're filling boxes with Ice Cream!

  • tsukasa0084

    Hahah.. best unbox of ice cream from one plus.. lol..... we got pawned

  • Bobo

    Wtf is this video bro!?😐😐

  • Leon Duggan
    Leon Duggan

    I would watch this after I got the 12 pro 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Harvey Gubb
    Harvey Gubb

    Only Lew can get a 12 minute video out of some biscuits 😂

  • Ryan Nosek
    Ryan Nosek

    Wtf, so I used an apple mask without realising and threw it out 15 mins later. I don’t like it LMAOOOOO

  • Judah Paul
    Judah Paul

    I cannot understand why people associate organic with healthy. Poison Ivy is organic.

  • HelioGenesis -HS
    HelioGenesis -HS

    This message to us that one plus is also communist party too because they send u a space age ice cream only government posses. Maybe im wrong lol

  • Kevin Bothwell
    Kevin Bothwell

    Google maps and Spotify support would make it perfect.

  • Drin Cocaj
    Drin Cocaj

    That was a better “Get Over Here!” than the new Mortal Kombat trailer.

  • Star Tech77
    Star Tech77

    Just so hard to get exited about an android product !

  • Slawomir Mlynarowicz
    Slawomir Mlynarowicz


  • Nischal Subedi
    Nischal Subedi

    Strawberry flavour condoms as well have a strong smell🤔

  • Clint Blankenship
    Clint Blankenship

    I want those toggle switches on everything

  • Zach Lyons
    Zach Lyons

    What’s the battery health at ?? %

  • Manish Bharti
    Manish Bharti

    Its three color coming soon

  • mec 77VNR
    mec 77VNR

    Pro ok but design horrible

  • al cubz
    al cubz

    If food doesn't spoil in a day without refrigeration it aint organic anymore.

  • Jbarlow98 Jbarlow98
    Jbarlow98 Jbarlow98

    I've just watched a review on ice cream at 23:25.... shoot me

  • Einfach Ware
    Einfach Ware

    0:47 I told you 1 sec later : Did i tell you

  • Christopher Debbane
    Christopher Debbane

    Oh my WOW I’m watching this video as my AirPods cut out

  • M. Light
    M. Light

    Video doesn't start until 3:58. Be ware.

  • Aman Mondal
    Aman Mondal

    From when did OnePlus start doing Google tactics of sending weird and tasty food with their devices